NRG: striving to achieve more than 100 million tons of coal increase shipments

Time:2019-12-10 10:35:13      Source:CCTDCOAL
Ying huigang, the director of the Freight Department of the State Railway Group, said at the opening ceremony of the 2020 National Coal Trade Conference on Dec. 4 that enterprises with high performance rate of medium-and long-term coal contracts will be given priority in allocating transport capacity in order to better link up railway transport in 2020.
It is learned that in 2019, China Railway Group gradually concentrated resources and transport to high-quality coal-producing areas in the north to improve coal transport support capacity. Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang are expected to deliver 1.23 billion tons of coal by rail this year, up 65 million tons or 5.6% year on year. Coal transported by railway in northeast China is expected to reach 220 million tons, up 1.1% year on year. Coal transported by railway in the southwest China is expected to reach 83 million tons, up 5.3% year on year. In 2019, China Railway Group signed medium-and long-term coal transport contracts with major coal, power, metallurgy and chemical companies of 860 million tons, up 24% year-on-year. In the first 11 months of this year, the performance rate of medium-and long-term contracts reached 97.6%. On the basis of the growth of 173 million tons in coal railway transport in 2018, the national railway coal transport volume is expected to reach 1.8 billion tons this year, an increase of 72 million tons year on year, and the coal transport volume will further increase to 66%, an increase of 5 percentage points over 2017.
In 2020, the railway transport focus will be further concentrated to northern coal-producing areas, China Railway Group will continue to take coal transportation from Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang as the core, and take “coal transported by road to rail” as the increase volume emphasis. Improving the supply capacity of railway transport capacity for areas whose coal transported by road volume is still large, striving to achieve more than 100 million tons of coal increase shipments.

Index RMB/t DoD Basis Date
Datong 5500 395 0 ex-mine 01-22
Shuozhou 5200 425 0 FOR 01-22
Ordos 5500 325 0 ex-mine 01-22
Yulin 6200 425 0 ex-mine 01-22
Liulin Low-sulphur 850 0 ex-mine 01-22
Gujiao Low-sulphur 1480 0 FOR 01-22
Xingtai Low-sulphur 1610 0 ex-Factory 01-22
Yangquan PCI 740 0 FOR 01-22
Index RMB/t WoW WoW% Date
Qinhuangdao 449.5 -37.0 -7.61 01-16
Caofeidian 367.4 7.4 2.06 01-16
Huanghua 184.4 10.8 6.22 01-16
Guangzhou 249.5 -17.9 -6.69 01-16
coastal 6PPs 1497.8 4.3 0.29 01-16
North Ports 2172.4 -64.9 -2.90 01-16
Yangtze River delta 1259.4 -16.6 -1.30 01-16
South Ports 2866.7 -32.7 -1.13 01-16