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China Coal Transportation and Distribution Association
China Coal Transport & Distribution Association (hereinafter called CCTD), founded in 1998, formerly the Department of Allocation and Transportation of the Ministry of Coal Industry, is an industrial body, joined voluntarily by nation-wide coal producers and distributors. The aim of the CCTD is to coordinate coal transportation and distribution in accordance with the Constitution, laws and regulations, government policies, as well as social moral values, and to serve industries and enterprises. The CCTD has a total of 218 corporate members, who are mainly state-owned large-sized coal producers and distributors including China’s largest coal producer Shenhua Group, and top coal enterprises, such as China Coal China Coal Energy, Shanxi Coking Coal Group, Datong Coal Mine Group, Sha’anxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and so on. The annual coal output of all members reaches 2.5 billion metric tons, nearly 80% of national coal output, accounting for 35% in global coal production.
www.cctdcoal.com is the English version of www.cctd.com.cn. Since 2001, www.cctd.com.cn has become a top hi-tech enterprise which involves website operation on coal industry, coal transaction, coal logistics, software development and conference. After 17 years of accumulated experience, it contains more than 80 million industry data. Big data on coal, coal database and coal think tank, which are the researched product of the website, serving for more than 100,000 enterprises. CCTD Qinhuangdao thermal coal price has already become one of the floating pricing indexes of long-term contract of purchase and sale for coal on electricity. The website is evaluated as “The Top 100 of Energy Industry Websites” and “The Most Influential Coal Industry Portal Website”.
Index RMB/t DoD Basis Date
Datong 5500 700 0 ex-mine 09-30
Shuozhou 5200 680 0 FOR 09-30
Ordos 5500 700 0 ex-mine 09-30
Yulin 6200 780 0 ex-mine 09-30
Liulin Low-sulphur 1350 150 ex-mine 09-30
Gujiao Low-sulphur 2420 0 FOR 09-30
Xingtai Low-sulphur 2510 0 ex-Factory 09-30
Yangquan PCI 2095 0 FOR 09-30
Index RMB/t WoW WoW% Date
Qinhuangdao 495.0 5.0 1.02 09-29
Caofeidian 548.0 35.0 6.82 09-29
Huanghua 167.2 8.1 5.09 09-29
Guangzhou 169.3 -7.5 -4.24 09-29
coastal 6PPs 1629.8 44.7 2.82 07-02
North Ports 2697.8 53.0 2.00 02-01
Yangtze River delta 1242.5 -74.7 -5.67 02-01
South Ports 2233.4 -216.0 -8.82 02-01